Lay back, act natural, and let’s

take some Amazing photos!

This isn’t about a photo session, or even the pictures, it’s about you! Forget about posing and feeling stiff in front of the camera - my process is free and flowy, and my only goal is to capture your true self! Within minutes of your shoot I can put you at ease and bring out the best of you naturally! You would be surprised how many people have told me they don't like how they look in pictures, only to be amazed once they see their photos!

My approach

01. schedule

The more info you provide of what you need, the faster I will be able to assist you, especially for wedding/event inquiries. Wedding pricing guide available for serious inquiries. Contact me using my form here, or DM me on Instagram here.


For weddings, we will talk first to discuss details, prior to sending a digital contract for signature. For other shoots, we can confirm through email/text/DM after I receive your form.


This is the fun part! I will be your best friend on the day of your wedding, or your new sister who will only bring out the best in you!


All photos are delivered in a beautiful online gallery where you can download the highest quality photos anytime you want! For specific questions read through my FAQ or contact me using form here.


This is my first photoshoot, what should I know?

You should know that you are in the right place! You don't need to know anything, not even know how to pose! I help with all of that - once we talk/text I will explain the entire process.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you most comfortable, and whatever matches your style! For couples/family shoots I recommend to contrast outfits/colors. For families specifically, the best approach is for mom to pick her outfit, then match everyone elses based on her outfit!

When and how will I receive my photos?

For weddings, 8-10 weeks, though I have delivered some in as little as 6 weeks. For other 1-2 hr photoshoots, typically within 4-5 weeks, depending on if you will choose your photos for me to edit, or if you want me to choose them for you! All galleries are delivered in a beautiful online gallery where you have the option to download at highest resolution and share with friends and family.

How many pictures will I receive?

For weddings, there is no limit, I provide the BEST pictures. It could be anywhere between 350-700 photos depending on the no. of hrs booked. For other shoots, see my pricing page for details (50-70 depending on shoot), and client has the option to either choose the photos for me to edit or I can choose the best ones for you!

What locations do you shoot at?

I shoot at many different locations in Dallas, and I am always open to new suggestions! If you are open to my recommendations, let me know once you are ready to book and I will send you my location guide!

Do you do newborn photography?

Although I can do a lifestyle shoot with your newborn, unfortunately I do not do newborn photography specifically as it is very niche and usually newborn photographers only specialize in such.

Do you shoot video?

As of now, my wedding videography services are on-hold - with very few exceptions. At times I do however take short cinematic or high-quality vertical short-form videos during some shoots for content creation, which I can share with my client (free of charge). If we do work together I will share a vendor list that includes a list of local videographers I have either worked with or heard of.

Will I get copies of the RAW photos?

Just like many professional photographers, unfortunately I do not provide RAW photos to my clients. Most of these extra photos are either duplicates, don't have good composition, or not good enough for a variety of reasons. You wouldn't ask a painter to provide the leftover paint when they are finished with a masterpiece, right? Finally, the last thing I want is for someone to use a RAW unedited photo that is either shared as-is or edited by someone else and then have my name attributed to it.

Are you available outside of Dallas, TX?

I can travel for weddings/events, but it is rare that I am able to due to having kids of my own. However, if you do want me outside of the DFW metroplex please reach out and hopefully we can work together! If not, I can give you guidance on picking a local photographer (free of charge!)

Do you offer photography courses?

This is something I am working on and will have ready by end of 2023 (God willing). Stay tuned!

Do I have the option to keep my photos private?

Ofcourse! I post some client photos on my website and/or social media to showcase my work. I do not sell or share my client's photos or info with third parties. For events where hijabis are not wearing hijab, I absolutely do not share their photos online anywhere or with anyone, and those galleries are password encrypted. If you do not want me to share your photos anywhere please let me know in advance.

What kind of camera/gear do you use?

I am a Sony enthusiast! I have two cameras I use at every session - one is 24 MP and the other is 42 MP, and I have a wide variety of lenses for every type of shot I envision.

I am a photographer, can I shadow you at a wedding?

Although I get this request a lot, unfortunately I do not offer such a service due to a few bad experiences. I do however support other photographers by referring work to them, or answering their questions.

What is the best way to reach you?

Fill out my contact form, or reach out to me via Instagram. If you sent me an inquiry and I haven't responded yet please bear with me, I answer ALL inquiries!

Do you have a question?

Please don't hesitate to reach out via my contact form, email, or even DM me on Instagram!